Brand-new vs. Remanufactured? The benefits of purchasing remanufactured turbochargers

Brand-new vs. Remanufactured? The benefits of purchasing remanufactured turbochargers

Anyone who has ever purchased a turbocharger knows how painful such an expense can be for their wallet. Also, there are not many ways to cut corners here, as your engine needs a functional turbocharger to work properly. Many may ask: can turbocharger be repaired? The answer is yes and… no!

Can Turbocharger Be Repaired?

It depends on who rebuilds turbochargers. If it is to be a user or a regular garage, the answer is no. A person without proper knowledge, experience, skills and appropriate tools will not be able to properly repair a malfunctioning turbocharger. It will also be extremely dangerous to attempt such a complex repair and then try to run your engine. The result might be disastrous to your machine. It might even result in an accident dangerous to your health. Does it mean that the broken turbos are irreversibly damaged? No! You can opt for remanufactured turbos to save money and still enjoy the use of a fully functional piece of equipment.

Remanufactured Turbochargers — Does Remanufactured Mean Refurbished?

Remanufactured turbos are used components that have been properly renewed to resemble original, brand-new parts. The exteriors of remanufactured turbochargers are thoroughly cleaned, whereas the interiors are inspected and the used parts are replaced with new ones.

The main difference between remanufactured and refurbished turbos will be the extent of repairs.

Remanufactured turbochargers have all the components replaced in them. So, not only the faulty elements get replaced, but also the ones that are still in working condition. Refurbished products only get to have the failed components replaced. So, if you were asking yourself a question: is remanufactured better than rebuilt, in most cases it will be the truth.

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Are Remanufactured Turbos Any Good? The Advantages of Remanufactured Turbos

Many wonder whether a remanufactured part has any value at all and whether it can be compared with the brand-new component. The truth is, that great quality is not the only benefit of remanufactured turbos. We will delve into the specific advantages that remanufactured turbochargers bring to the table, particularly when it comes to the demanding requirements of heavy-duty trucks in the transport sector.


Let’s face it, affordability is the biggest advantage of remanufactured turbos. If it were otherwise, everyone would simply purchase the more expensive brand-new parts. However, everyone loves bargains, and sometimes, cutting costs is the only way to get by. Especially in the case of such expensive parts as engine components. Thanks to the high quality of remanufactured turbos and their good price, we can save even up to 40% (!) only by opting for remanufactured turbochargers instead of original components. Paying almost half of the price for a virtually new (except for the exterior) part is undeniably an offer no one can resist! 

Outstanding Performance

Savings are not the only reason to get one of the remanufactured turbos. The key is to get all the perks of an original component for a lower price. And by that, we mean, quality, durability and performance. Remanufactured turbochargers consist of new parts. Therefore, their performance can be matched with turbos you purchase directly from the manufacturer. There is no chance of breakdowns or bad performance you could expect from purchasing a used component.


In today’s world, full of climate changes none of us could have predicted, being eco-friendly is not a choice but a must. To process a remanufactured turbo, we only use 15% of the energy needed to manufacture a new part. Not to mention that waste production is also lowered because the turbo housing is not disposed of but rather reused to give the component a new life.


Who rebuilds turbochargers?

Are remanufactured turbos any good? It is the question asked by many. Being an important part of any engine, turbochargers must be properly calibrated and thoroughly inspected. It requires a team of professionals who use specialist tools and equipment to bring the component back to a working condition. Moreover, all components must meet the strict OEM standards. Therefore, every part is thoroughly measured and examined.

Simply put, remanufactured turbos are marvelous options for everyone who needs functional and reliable components at affordable prices. However, they will only be as good as the team remanufacturing them is. That is why you should always choose a trusted supplier that can meet all your turbo needs. 

Kott Turbo Works is always at your service. We not only do wonders with used turbos but also are happy to assist you with any questions you may have regarding remanufactured turbochargers. Get in touch and do not overspend on your turbos anymore!