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Want to get more from your vehicle? Choose this 2007-2010 6.4L Low & High-Pressure Turbo and get your machine performance to the highest levels! Say goodbye to the old component with our upgraded 6.4 Powerstroke low-pressure turbo and achieve effectiveness beyond your imagination.

What Are Upgraded 6.4 High-Pressure Turbo and 6.4 Low-Pressure Turbo?

Upgraded turbochargers are components with enhanced features such as power, pressure, coating, etc. All upgrading works have one aim: to boost performance and efficiency. Thanks to that, your vehicle can work flawlessly, and fast and turn into an unstoppable beast!

6.4 Powerstroke Low Pressure Turbo Description

Purchase is secured with a 1 (one) year warranty. This item requires a $400 refundable core deposit in addition to the purchase price.


– Upgraded with high flow, light aluminum billet compressor wheel with slim nose, high flow design for increased torque and horsepower (with proper engine tuning).

Turbo order includes:

– Low and high (twin) turbochargers that fit 2007.5 – 2010 Ford 6.4 L Powerstroke diesel engines.

– Shipping charges.

– Return shipping label for core return.

– One (1) year warranty.

Units are built with new complete CHRA made by Melett, necessary to add durability. Our facility is professionally equipped with the latest generation tools and high-speed balancer.


BE ADVISED: Cores must be intact and not disassembled. If you send back disassembled units or core units that cannot be re-purposed, a full refund may not be honoured.

Your item(s) will not be shipped until the core deposit (or core) is received. A $500.00 deposit via PayPal is required before order shipment. You may send your core(s) in advance instead of deposit. Once the core is received, we will refund the core deposit back to you. A prepaid return shipping label for the core will be included with the shipped order. FREE core return shipping within the 48 contiguous states in the U.S. Cores must be sent within 15 business days. After 15 days, 1/2 of the deposit will be forfeited.

Why Should You Upgrade to 6.4 Powerstroke Low Pressure Turbo?

Your turbocharger might just be fine. But why would you not want to replace it with 6.4 High-Pressure Turbo and 6.4 Low-Pressure Turbo which can give you:

  • a more responsive and enjoyable driving- improved 2007-2010 6.4L Low & High-Pressure Turbo brings you joy through enhanced power and torque
  • an improved towing capacity- more power means your machine can easily tow heavier loads than before; it is especially useful in the case of campers or trailers
  • efficient combustion- this is the effect of enhanced airflow that helps the energy from fuel to release quicker; quicker release equals better fuel efficiency.

Is 6.4 Powerstroke Low-Pressure Turbo Right For Your Engine?

It is not so straightforward to select the correct upgraded turbo for the engine of your machine. It requires research and knowledge. Below are a few tips that will help you determine whether the 2007-2010 6.4L Low & High Pressure Turbo is right for your needs.

Determine what it is you aim for. Assess whether the power target you chose is realistic to achieve by your engine. To do that, consider its size. At some level, you will have to compromise on efficiency, usability, or reliability just to enhance the horsepower. Therefore, you must know what the application is, for which you need the upgraded 6.4 High Pressure Turbo and 6.4 Low Pressure Turbo.

Secondly, do some math and determine the volume and mass of air that circulates through the engine. It will help get the right size of turbo for moving such a volume of air and determine whether the 2007-2010 6.4L Low & High-Pressure Turbo is perfect for your needs.

Souls like a lot of ‘fun’? While you can use online guides to help you with the above process, it will be a lot easier to contact us directly. One of our team members will happily advise on all the complexities of the upgraded 6.4 Powerstroke Low-Pressure Turbo and whether it is the best choice for your vehicle.


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