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HE351CW Turbocharger Upgraded Billet Compressor

Want to give a power boost to your engine? This computer-designed HE351VE Turbo Charger Upgrade Billet Compressor Wheel will change your vehicle entirely! HE351CW Billet Wheel compresses external air and pushes it into the intake manifold. All that with the use of extremely high pressure. What for? To make your engine create more power! See below all the specs regarding our HE351 Billet Wheel component.

HE351 Billet Wheel Description

Aircraft grade aluminum forged billet compressor wheel for Dodge Ram 6.7L HE351CW HE351VE Turbo.

  • Upgrade billet compressor wheel for more airflow and higher HP applications, direct bolt-on, no modifications are needed.
  • Fit Turbo Model: Holset HE351VE.
  • Fit Vehicle: 07.5-12 Dodge Ram with Cummins 6.7L diesel engine.


Inducer Diameter: 60mm

Exducer Diameter: 86mm

Extended Tip Diameter: 90.5mm

Blade: 7 long + 7 short

  • Forged billet aluminum to make the wheels not have porosity issues. That means billet compressor wheels are much stronger than cast compressor wheels.
  • Slim nose design using forged billet aluminum and machined on a 5-axis mill, the billet compressor wheel can be designed much more aggressively, and the nose and hub can be designed significantly smaller to allow for a greater blade diameter.

Why Should You Get HE351CW Turbocharger Upgraded Billet Compressor?

There are many good things one can say about the HE351VE Turbo Charger Upgrade Billet Compressor Wheel. Let’s outline the most important benefits so you can clearly see why the HE351 billet wheel is your best choice:

Durability – these wheels (unlike cast wheels) are milled from a solid mass. It brings higher quality and therefore extreme durability. They are also resistant to centrifugal stress caused by the production of boost at spin up and dump at spin down. Lastly, casting of standard wheels requires healing and cooling, which does not go well with metal, making it vulnerable to casting faults.

Efficiency – it is all about the thinner fins and larger hubs! Thanks to such a design, the HE351CW Billet Wheel can affect a larger fin surface area than in the case of cast wheels. Also, it is a lot lighter than its cast equivalent. This is thanks to the use of aluminum. The lightness also affects the fin speed, giving the engine a quicker response. It is also enhanced by lesser air friction, which contributes to cooler compressed air. Such air of a lower temperature increases the power of engine combustion. From there it is an easy road to an increased power of the whole engine. And this is exactly what you need!

Can I Simply Swap the Cast Wheel for the HE351CW Billet Wheel?

The good news is that in most cases, there is no modification needed by changing a standard cast turbo to an HE351VE Turbo Charger Upgrade Billet Compressor Wheel. This means an additional advantage, which is no extra cost spent on modification of such parts as exhausts, intakes, or the engine itself. This bolt-on upgrade is an effortless change, which can boost your engine performance to the maximum.

However, if you need advice in determining whether our HE351CW Billet Wheel is a good fit for your engine, get in touch! One of our advisers will gladly answer all your questions.

We also have a wide range of other engine components, so take a moment to browse our shop should the HE351CW Billet Wheel not be what you are looking for.


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