5459710RX Cummins X15 High quality remanufactured Turbocharger

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PART NUMBER CROSS REFERENCE: 5351486, 5351487, 5351487NX, 5351487RX, 5351489, 5351490, 5351491, 5358001, 5358001NX, 5358001RX, 5358452, 5358452NX, 5358452RX, 5358453, 5358453NX, 5358453RX, 5358454, 5454976, 5454977, 5454978, 5458936, 545893600, 545893600H, 5458936H, 5458936HX, 5459710, 5459710NX, 5459710RX

ELECTRONIC ACTUATOR – NOT INCLUDED. (Can be purchased separately and calibrated with turbocharger)






All of our remanufactured turbochargers are assembled with brand new (if applicable): Journal bearings, thrust bearing, piston rings, thrust collar, thrust flinger, retaining rings, lip seals, all applicable o-rings and seals, turbine wheel, compressor wheel, exhaust housing and hardware.

Turbocharger Remanufacturing process Explained

  • Stripping down into individual parts – worn-out components are discarded as well as the parts that are still functioning properly but may fail if reused.
  • Cleaning – reused parts undergo a thorough cleaning process with the use of appropriate chemicals, pressure washers and sandblasters.
  • Measurements and inspections – all components must meet the strict OEM standards. That is why every part is thoroughly measured and examined.
  • Reassembly – all parts are put back together and thoroughly tested to determine whether the turbo can work at its optimum. Extensive checks performed at every stage of the remanufacturing process result in the best performance reliability, and lifespan.
  • Balancing – Turbocharger is balanced at 60000 rpm – 90000 rpm and oil leak with flow test is performed at the same time. (complete CHRA)

Once all procedures are performed and all components perform up to standards, the turbo is ready for resale.

What Are the Benefits of a Remanufactured Turbocharger?

All turbochargers has been completely disassembled, entirely cleaned, and inspected for any signs of wear and damage. All improperly functioning components have been replaced with new ones. Our remanufactured turbochargers are nearly indistinguishable from a new part. Remanufactured turbochargers are great alternatives, due to much affordable price with same performance.

Thanks to our modern cleaning equipment, you can be sure that the part you receive is adequately prepared and assembled within OEM specification tolerances. Parts for remanufacturing are provided by UK supplier who specializes in the production of parts according to the same principles as most recognized brands.

Last but not least, the performance of a remanufactured part is identical to an authentic turbocharger. It is assured by thorough checks performed at every stage of the remanufacturing process. As a result, our Clients receive remanufactured turbocharger providing performance, reliability, and lifespan of a new component.


One year warranty and unlimited mileage. Please read terms and conditions for full description.

Our expert knowledge and skills allow us to perform a high-quality turbo repair. The repair was also supported with the use of specialist, highly advanced measuring and balancing equipment. All these elements ensure that the turbochargers lasts as long as the new unit.

At Kott Turbo Works you can shop with confidence, that your new purchase will meet the highest quality industry standards.

Core charge and return terms

We require a $700.00 refundable core deposit. Cores must be returned within 60 days to receive a full refund. Cores with broken impellers are acceptable. Cores must be returned in undamaged shipping conditions, if damage occurs during shipping, due to poor packaging or other reasons we reserve the right to prorate or forfeit core refund at our discretion.

We provide free return shipping using a FREE FedEx return label to return the core back to us, from most of the locations in the US (excluding Alaska, Hawaii, and Puerto Rico).


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