Kott Turbo Works specializes in the professional regeneration of turbochargers for passenger cars, pick-up trucks, commercial trucks, construction and agricultural equipment. Our offer includes all leading manufacturers like Garrett, KKK, Schwitzer, Holset, Mitsubishi, IHI.

Regeneration of turbochargers

A turbocharger is a precision engineered product. Performing a high quality turbo repair is a highly skilled job that requires expert knowledge, and the use of specialist, highly advanced measuring and balancing equipment with precision engineered repair parts. Turbochargers regenerated using this principles can last as long, or even longer than new OEM unit. WARNING!!! Turbocharger cannot be re-manufactured by using hammer, screwdriver, pliers and vise, as some youtube videos suggest. By using this methods you can only replace parts inside the turbocharger, but it will never provide long lasting, high quality product.

The supplied turbocharger is subject in the first place to a general inspection, which aims to pre-determine its technical condition. At this stage visual inspection of the turbocharger is completed, to check for mechanical damage and the presence of engine oil in the compressor and turbine housing. The axial and radial play of the turbocharger rotor is checked, as well as the operation and control of the turbocharger pressure regulator (wastegate or variable geometry system).

The disassembly of turbocharger components is followed by a thorough evaluation of their condition. It is only now possible to reveal invisible damage during initial verification. Efficient components are cleaned, damaged are replaced by new components. During reconditioning, plain bearings, sealing rings and seals and other turbocharger seals are always replaced.

The most important part of turbocharger repair is the proper balance of turbocharger. This is a two-stage process consisting of balancing the turbocharger impellers. In the second stage, the whole rotating assembly (CHRA) is balanced, the turbocharger reaches speeds of up to 200,000 rpm and engine oil is continuously supplied to its bearings under pressure (which simulates real conditions and also allows us to check the tightness of the turbocharger seals and bearings). Balancing results are then printed and provided with every turbocharger.

The final stage of turbine regeneration consists assembly of the remaining components.


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